Garden Talk  #4

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Subject:Lasting beauty

Tips by:Jeff Jansen

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If you are at a nursery or a plant sale and wish to buy a few flowering plants in pots, first make your selection by looking at the ones in full bloom. Once you have made your choice of plant species, choose only the ones that have the most unopened buds. They will open up in your home and you will be able to appreciate their beauty for a longer period.

When blooming has stopped and no new buds are to be seen, repot the plant into a new pot one or two sizes larger or transplant into your outdoor flower beds. Before you do so, give the entire plant a good clean-up, removing all dead leaves, stems and dry buds.
A new flush of leaves followed by a second period of flowering will follow. This applies more to annuals and some perennials. Happy gardening!

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